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Ratan Tata Backs Companionship Startup For Senior Citizens Goodfellows

The startup plans to expand the project within Mumbai ad to Pune, Chennai and Bangalore and, will also offer travel companionship to senior citizens who hesitate to take trips because of the insecure feeling or lack of company

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4 Early Signs that an Aging Loved One is Struggling to Make Financial Decisions and How to Handle It

Got an aging loved one who might need financial help? Find out for sure and learn what to do next.

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Budget 2021: Cheer for Senior Citizens, PF Contributors to be Hit

The interest income on PF contributions above INR 2.5 lakh per annum will now be taxed at the normal rates


Exploring the Hidden Profitability by Serving the Elderly

Not a charitable feat but a sustainable business possibility, here's how this Indian start-up is thriving on the power of 'seniority'


How Senior Citizens Can Use Technology to Ensure Safety

Technology has made senior people alert by creating a support system for them


Can Automation Take Care of the Aged?

An automated world could be a better place for our seniors as it will have precision and efficiency