How Senior Citizens Can Use Technology to Ensure Safety

Technology has made senior people alert by creating a support system for them

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By Tanmay Jaiswal


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Across the world, senior citizens who grew up in a pre-digital era, are finding it difficult to acclimatise themselves with the evolving technology. However, Evolution of new technologies and applications can enable senior citizens to stay safe and secure. These days, senior citizens have already graduated to using smart phones from landline or basic mobile phones but are largely using them to only make and receive calls. Rapid development in apps and websites which are user-friendly, can enhance safety of senior citizens if we can make them familiar with how to operate them. However, most of our grandparents or even parents are sceptical and uncomfortable at times to adapt themselves to this change.Here are some of the ways in which senior citizens can optimise the use of technology and unlock the power of their smartphones in order to enhance their own safety:

Stay secure from fake currency: There are few apps which help the senior citizens to stay secure from fake currency. With age, it is sometimes difficult for senior citizens to keep up with new security features that are introduced in our currency notes. As such, they are unable to ascertain whether a currency note is genuine or not. Some of these apps guide the user on how to check security features one by one, making it very convenient for senior citizens to learn how to tell the difference between a genuine note and a counterfeit.

    Healthcare apps:With advancement in technology, healthcare apps are also developing over the last decade. In order to promote active and healthy ageing, healthcare apps are quite imperative, as they help seniors to search for clinics and doctors in the near vicinity. Now, senior citizens can conveniently order medicines or other medical needs from the convenience of their homes, using these apps. Such apps and technologies empower the senior citizens to be independent, well-informed and self-reliant.

    Location tracking devices: Alzheimer disease, dementia or other memory disorder can be seen in senior citizens, which leads to serious problems in daily activities. With memory loss, familiar places seem unfamiliar, which is a cause of concern for the seniors. location tracking devices like Evotag can be used to send a phone alert or notification, when an individual moves out of the safe distance, thereby ensuring their safety. It is a small waterproof device which can be easily attached to the luggage, keychain, etc. Location tracking devices are increasing these days and are one of the essential devices to keep the loved ones safe. GPS helps to locate the senior citizens, by sending alerts to their authorized pre-installed personal contacts.

    Safe commuting by apps: The ride hailing platforms such as Uber and Ola in India have made it very easy and convenient for the senior citizens to go out at any time during the day. GPRS and GPS enabled 24*7 cab and auto services have reduced the fear of commuting alone and are comparatively safer. These apps have built in functionality which allows loved ones to track the location of their elderly parents via GPS, even if they are travelling alone in the cab. It also frees up senior citizens from standing or waiting for public transport in sweltering heat. Pre-booking facility available for these cabs, enables the senior citizens to commute safely and comfortably.

    Smart home technology: Home automation technology is used to empower the senior citizen to stay safe and independent. It also enhances the quality of life of elders, by providing aged care facilities like door sensors, which unlock doors for a known person. Companies like ANG India are bringing such unique solutions for home automation. By using certain smart home apps, elders can monitor the house, even if they are immobile, due to health issues. Remote controlled home automation devices are very useful for seniors living alone, as they alert them and their neighbourhood of possible theft.

    Identification of LPG tampering through Apps: Pilferage of LPG cylinders is not only theft but is also a safety concern because pilfered cylinders may have gas leaks. It is imperative to keep a track on LPG cylinders when they are delivered to customers. Apps on smartphones help to identify tampering in LPG cylinders.These apps are very useful for the senior citizens, as they can easily check the gas cylinder when it is delivered, thus making them smarter.

    Technological evolution has not just enhanced the knowledge of senior citizens, but has also made them alert by creating more awareness about their safety. The use of latest technologies allow senior citizens to face the modern world with ease by providing quality living. It is important that senior citizens are persuaded to shift their focus and come to grips with latest devices and technologies. This will help them greatly in ensuring their safety and security.

    Tanmay Jaiswal

    Founder & Director, Chkfake

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