Skill India

The Biggest Challenge for Entrepreneurs : How to Reduce Poverty in India

How can we expect a common man to even consider buying something as complicated as an "Ultra Short Term Debt Fund"?

Sanjay Bhargava

· 5 min read

Skills Can Result in Jobs Only If India Stops Losing Talent Post Training

"As the Indian economy is growing, we hope skills get the respect they deserve."

Aashika Jain

· 4 min read

Budget 2017: A Good Continuity in Skilling India

It is heartening to note that the government has rightfully recognized the need to "energize youth through education, skills and jobs".

Gayathri Vasudevan

· 3 min read

Building A Country Of Entrepreneurs

A platform that will bring youth, industries, and educators together, and teach them to work on their skills.

Ritu Kochar

· 3 min read

How skill backed entrepreneurship will work in India's favour.

To attain new level of growth, entrepreneurs need government support.

Punita Sabharwal

· 4 min read