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68% of the World Will Soon Live in Urban Areas — Are Smart Cities the Future for Humanity?

Is Saudi Arabia's NEOM a vision or a mirage? Discover the transformative power of smart cities.

Science & Technology

Why Smart Cities Are the Path to a Sustainable Future

Smart cities are already here, but they're no longer just a nice-to-have if we want to protect the world.

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Hilshaw Group Appoints Ishaanvi Holdings To Develop An Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare Facility In Albania

Ishaanvi Holdings is set to develop a state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable healthcare facility within the Balkan Hills Smart City in Albania.


This Singapore-Based Startup Is Unlocking True Potential Of CCTV Cameras Through AI

Graymatics currently has over 25 employees based in Singapore, generating average annual revenues of $5 million

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Smart City Enabler Quantela Makes Strategic Investment In Graymatics

The deal will improve Quantela's suite of AI-powered smart city and crisis management offerings

Growth Strategies

Three Innovations That Will Help Shape Smart Cities in 2020 (And Beyond)

The decade ahead paints an intriguing picture of society's impending digital evolution.


Here's How Smart Cites are Going to Open Business Opportunities For People Dealing in the Latest Technology

Development of a smart city generates a huge amount of data and this is how we can make that happen


Smart City Mission: Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities Take the Lead

The Smart Cities Mission, launched in 2015, needs more active citizen participation at the implementation and not only end-user level but the pace of Smart City development in India could also theoretically be faster

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APAC On Its Way to Become a Global Leader in IoT Spending

The region is expected to hit $381.8 billion by 2022

Business News

WeWork Opens a Startup Incubator

Plus, Google has submitted its plans for its huge development in Mountain View, Calif., and Firefly, a smart city platform, launched with $21.5 million in seed funding.

Science & Technology

Why Smart Cities Are a Golden Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

As we design the cities of tomorrow, entrepreneurs should take the lead.


The Future Of Cities: Tapping The Transformative Power Of Exponential Technologies

Considering the transformative power of exponential technologies, is it better to take a top-down approach when designing cities, or a bottom-up approach?

News and Trends

India's Richest Man to Expedite Modi's Smart Cities Plan

The latest RIL-inked MoUs represent a positive step towards potentially bettering India's economy with a healthy combination of smart innovations backed by smart funding


This Is How Blockchain Can Aid PM Modi's Smart City Dream

The central government plans to sustainably develop 100 cities with world-class infrastructure and services by 2022.

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Will 2018 Mark the Advent of Smart Cities?

Till the time residents and locals are not at the center of the entire initiative, the smart cities mission has little value