Business News

Royal Caribbean Is Testing a Controversial Change — and It Might Be Bad for Revenue

The cruise line has experimented with variations of the policy in the past.


It's Time to End Your Love Affair with Smoking

If you are a regular smoker, it's time to quit or you might face serious depression and schizophrenia problems

News and Trends

2 Reasons Why The Government Banned E-cigarettes In India

Central government has banned the production, manufacturing, import and export of e-cigarettes in India.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Why You Should Encourage Employees to Be 'Selfish'

Selfishness doesn't have to be a negative trait.

Growth Strategies

#7 Reasons why Hygiene is so Important for an Entrepreneur

If hygiene is built into the core of your business processes, it will allow for quicker growth

Starting a Business

#8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Launching a Vaping Start-up

Owing to various supply chain and marketing challenges, a motivated team with a can-do attitude is essential


This 27-year-old is Leading the Vaping Revolution in India

The bootstrapped start-up is looking to raise funds in the near future to open brick & mortar outlets


These #3 Start-ups Help Quit Smoking For Good

Quitting smoking is a mental and physical process for which one needs to make specific changes in their lifestyle.

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#4 Apps To Help Entrepreneurs Keep Their New Year Resolutions

There are few resources that can help you make your resolutions realistic and keep them throughout the year.

Starting a Business

This Startup Is Helping Smokers Quit Without Withdrawals

Vaping needs to be made as a mainstream alternative to help smokers quit ASAP. This startup is doing just that.

Business News

Smokers Get Burned When it Comes to Payday

A new study suggests that smoking not only harms to physical health, but finances too.

Business News

Philip Morris Wins Missouri Class Action Trial Over 'Light' Cigarettes

The plaintiffs were seeking an estimated $1.8 billion.


Vape Lounge Owner Wants to Spark Cigarette Downturn

Georgia man says he hopes to see toxic habits go up in smoke at his new vape shop and lounge business.

Health & Wellness

What's Really Killing You (and It Isn't Ebola)

You're probably doing something dangerous as you read this, and it's shortening your lifespan.