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Social Networking


How to Network Effectively at Events

You need new contacts. So design a systematic approach to meeting new people.

Are You 'Networking' for All the Wrong Reasons?

Here are five organizations for young people that work to put the 'selflessness' element back into networking.
Personality Type

5 Questions That Reveal the Personality of Someone You've Just Met

Who is her hero? What books has he read? What is her dream job? Probe deeper to learn more.

How LinkedIn Has Helped Kill Cold Calling Once and for All

LinkedIn's messaging feature allows others to get to know you first, on their own terms, which is preferable to pretty much everyone.

How to Disconnect From Someone on LinkedIn in 4 Easy Steps

Professional connections don't always pan out. Here's how to disassociate from unwanted ones with a few clicks.

9 Networking Blunders That Undermine Your Reputation

Think of networking as meeting new people so you can figure out how to be be helpful, instead of the other way around.

'Facebook at Work' Is Finally Launching

After a year of testing, Facebook's professional version of its social network is expected to launch in the coming months.
Google Plus

With New Focus and Design, Can Google+ Survive?

The struggling social network may find its footing by focusing on shared interests.
Holiday Parties

9 Ways to Be Certain You Won't Embarrass Yourself at the Holiday Party

Be realistic, Business holiday parties have nothing to do with eat, drink or be merry.
Project Grow

Vouch: The First Social Network for Credit

Personal endorsements power a consumer lending network.
First Impressions

8 Handshakes That Make Unforgettably Bad First Impressions

Nothing in your body language speaks louder than how you shake hands.

Why It Pays to Identify and Approach Mentors in the Professional 'Cafeteria'

Advice from an Entrepreneur contributor who wasn't afraid to walk right up to John Sculley -- yes, Apple's John Sculley -- and start a friendly chat.

Mayday, Slackers! Facebook Is Down.

It's not just you. 'Sorry, something went wrong.' Again.

5 Ways to Stop Embarrassing Yourself on LinkedIn

Sure, you love your good ole' boy photos. Just don't post them when you're trying to look professional.
Project Grow

5 Ways to Generate Business Through LinkedIn

Make sure you're taking full advantage of the professional social network.