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Science & Technology

VR Startup Magic Leap Wants You to Save a Seat on the Couch for C-3PO

This video takes Star Wars to a new, bigger level.

Social Media

Mark Hamill Jedi Mind Tricks Social Media With This Epic Tweet

Luke Skywalker channels Yoda in a gender politics message that is warmer and fuzzier than an Ewok dance party.


Brain Break: Star Wars Meets Alfred Hitchcock in This Oddly Entertaining Video

If you're a film fan, this short video might just blow your mind a bit.

Business News

Brain Break: Star Wars Gets James Bond Treatment in Awesome Fan-Made Video

The Empire Strikes Back, James Bond and Radiohead collide in a geeked-out ball of fantasticness.


7 Lessons on How Not to Lead From the Villains of 'Star Wars'

'Do or do not. There is no try.'


Let's Talk About 'Star Wars' -- That Franchising Juggernaut

'May the fourth' be with you. This 'Star Wars' Day, celebrate the nostalgia brand that has spanned 39 years and generated some serious bank in the meantime.


8 Lessons You Can Learn About Entrepreneurship From Movies

Because inspiration can come from anywhere.


Brain Break: The Latest Star Wars Trailer Is Here for You to Obsess Over

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' will be released in December.

Business News

A Look at Disney's 'Star Wars Experience' Concepts

Take "complete control" of the Millennium Falcon and see the Resistance face off against the First Order.


Disney Releases 34-Second Teaser of Star Wars: Episode VIII

The movie may not be coming out until 2017, but that hasn't stopped the entertainment giant's marketing machine from fueling fan anticipation.

Business News

Cruise Lines Add Tech Upgrades to Appeal to Star Wars Fans and Gamers

The $30 billion cruise ship industry has been on a mission to update itself.

Thought Leaders

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Are Entrepreneurs Very, Very Familiar

Viewed through a entrepreneurial lense the Star War characters come into focus as people like you meet a business mixer.

Thought Leaders

The Entrepreneurial Genius of 'Star Wars'

Three lessons and warnings from the career of George Lucas


New Star Wars Film Is a Marketing Force Brands Should Study

'The Force Awakens' is predicted to break box-office records, thanks in part to numerous brand partnerships.