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Rethinking Healthcare Marketing

The new marketing models are backed by technological advancements and are being professionally customized for doctors by innovative health tech start-ups

Alekhya Bolla

Enabling Technology To Tackle The Indian NPA Crisis

It is imperative to bring about new technologies that could work at the grass-roots level and help find solution to the existing NPA crisis

Gagan Kumar

Is Every Idea an Intellectual Property?

Ideas are worthless unless you turn them into your IP by adding up intellectuality blended with creativity

Ashrujit Basu

Regtech in India: The need of the hour?

With the Government's push to go digital, Regulatory Technology has gained even more importance in India

Sanchita Dash

Employee Compensation Structure Ensures Business Growth, Says This CEO

E-commerce start-ups are bleeding because of unrealistic compensation policies for mid and senior-level employees

"It's An Opportune Time For Indian VCs"

Entrepreneur asked Gabe Turner, Executive Director at Draper, as to what brought about this strategic alliance in India, which is seemingly recovering from a funding slowdown.

Sneha Banerjee