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Chaos Alert: Popular Indian Startup Founder in Legal Tussle Post Shutdown

Stayzilla has gotten entangled in a criminal case that has led to founder Yogi Vasupal's arrest.

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Top #6 Goof Ups in Indian Startup World in 2017 That May Dent Its Image

Most startups that start with risk and optimism, often end up hitting roadblocks as they try to rule the market fast.

Making a Change

5 Brutal Challenges on the Path to Personal Success

Your biggest obstacle is you.

Growing a Business

3 Reasons Tech Startups Fall Into a Death Spiral

Instant failure would be better than a long and slow demise from diminishing returns.

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Startup Failure: #5 Reasons Why Indian Startups are Shutting Shop

In some cases, it is better to ensure whatever money is left is used prudently for orderly shutdown. Employees are given full notice, severance pay disbursed as per agreement.

Starting a Business

Stuttering Startups: Legal Hazards You May Want To Avoid

Your future plans would depend heavily on the legal structure of your startup

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Why do Start-ups Fail? Revenue May Be the No. 1 Reason.

And a the failure to differentiate your product is a key reason for that lack of revenue.

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Invaluable lessons every start up failure teaches us

Failures Never Fail To Provide A Number Of Valuable Lessons.

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Why are Tech Startups Failing? I Give You 6 Critical Reasons

Just because you have an idea in mind doesn't mean you can build a business empire around it !

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5 Ways to Recover from Startup Failure

Only blessed people on this earth are earning money from the work they love! Entrepreneurs are one of them

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The 6 Main Reasons Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Each

It is impossible to achieve success if we are not aware of the most common pitfalls that make businesses fail.


The 6-Step Process for Rebounding After a Business Failure

Failure sucks. But pick yourself up, cop to your mistakes and start a new business, already.

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Companies Fail When Leadership Isn't Ready to Seize Opportunity

Most company failures can be avoided if leaders understand the variables that give rise to failure.

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"I see failure, only as a reminder of something that was missing in the first place"

Sameer Dua launched his first book 'Declaring Breakdowns' earlier this week


How Do Entrepreneurs deal with Failure?

Every Business man needs to be vibrating at higher vibrations to understand the mechanics of any enterprise