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Taking the Center Stage: Pankaj Vermani on Striking a Balance Between Being Creative and Running a Business

The founder and CEO of Clovia has been following his theatrical passion with his IIT folks for the past 17 years as the group DramaTech.

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Siblings As Business Partners: The Co-Founders Of Dubai-Based Closed Captions Communications Explain How To Make It Work

Long story short, it's not all about the money, nor is it solely about family- instead, there needs to be a funambulist balance created between those who choose to go down this route.


What You Need to Know About Being a Founder Before Becoming One

Beyond the glamour of being a startup founder, the reality is that starting a company is a long and isolating road with huge sacrifices and personal costs. Here's what you need to know before you take the plunge.

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Dear Founders: Let Your Spouse Into Your Work Life

For founders, the lines between work and home are consistently blurred. But there are ways to effectively manage the challenges of the founder-spouse dynamic and keep your loved ones in the loop.

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Startup Dream Alive From a 5-Time Founder

After starting five different companies, I found these are the fundamentals to startup success -- every time.

Starting a Business

Will Startup Be an Option to Mid-Life Crisis in 2020?

There are many reasons why many professionals in their late-30s are now looking into leaving their regular jobs to set foot in the startup game

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5 Things Every Founder Should Know

Being a founder is not an easy position to be in, there are twist and turns that will take you by surprise, whether they are pleasant or not

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Loneliness Now an Economic Issue?

In U.K., a loneliness minister was appointed after it was realised that the economic losses were running in trillions


Founders' Grit: If You Don't Have It, You Can't Make It

Know where to focus and delegate smart, try to find solutions, learn to handle disappointments, and build a strong network

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When Should a Founder Say Goodbye to his/her Start-up?

"If the founder is not providing additional value by being in the business, it's time for him/her to let go of the 'CEO' title"

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The More, The Merrier: Rise of Multiple Co-founders In Startups

With the mushrooming of startups, we have witnessed a new version of saying; 'Too many cooks make a lavish and rich buffet.'

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4 Things You Can Learn From A Founder Who Invented Smart Products

Before they were "Smart Products"

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F6S Is Coming To India And Here's Why You Should Be Excited

F6S wants to digitise the initiatives by government by bringing them on one platform and creating accessibility for startup founders

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3 Startups Ideas From Entrepreneurs' Wives That Changed Their Lives

These wives turned their husbands into entrepreneurs


Why Tech Founders Should All Read Scrum

Keep your vision and purpose singular, while promoting software development.