F6S Is Coming To India And Here's Why You Should Be Excited F6S wants to digitise the initiatives by government by bringing them on one platform and creating accessibility for startup founders

By Ritu Kochar

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All across the world, startups face similar problems. And the biggest issue they face is "how to startup!' Now this might seem a stupid question to everyone with so much information available everywhere, but startups genuinely face these problems due to the many hassles in the process. So much so, that some don't even make it till the end and give up the hope.

A platform for founders going through the same troubles is F6S. Its name has literally come from shortening the six letters between F and S in the word 'Founders' and here, these young founders apply to accelerators, pitch investment funds, post or apply for jobs, get free deals and grow every day.

The great news is that only recently that have on-boarded a cofounder to expand rapidly in India.

Binging Santosh Yellajosula, Founder of Cabplay and President of Kairos Society, on board, the firm plans to approach state governments and bring them on to the platform so that startups can access the government's startup initiatives, creating in the process accessibility, accountability and transparency, says media reports. Their first move will be towards the Maharashtra and Kerala government.

How it will help Indian startups?

Now knowing that F6S is an international organization, do not assume that your very young startup will not get the attention you long for and it will be overshadowed among international startups. Instead, F6S will try to fill up the gaps for you to get access to the various initiatives and reimbursement policies launched by the Indian government. Generally, founders are so busy with the technical part of starting up that keeping track of all the schemes and policies is not possible, and applying to international incubators is a farfetched dream. F6S wants to digitise these initiatives by bringing them on one platform and creating accessibility for startup founders.

"Founders waste a lot of time applying for these and since the entire process is so tedious, most of them end-up giving up on these advantages," Santosh Yellajosula said according to reports.

"Governments say they will reimburse the money spent on patents and trademarks, but they still don't have a mechanism for it," he added.

With about 22,000 startups and 65,000 founders on the platform from India, F6S has been able to gained popularity in a short period of time. Only recently they added Dubai government to its online community and now they're turning to India.

"We want to provide the government with data. This data will help them take better startup-related decisions, which will lead to better startup policies," said Yellajosula. He is already in talks with Kerala and Maharashtra government in the hope wants to get rid of the barriers of borders so that startups can have access to international incubators, accelerators and investors.
Ritu Kochar

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