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5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Team Building From Harry Potter

Building a startup is nothing short of creating magic. So why not have a team full of witches and wizards, sharing the same wavelength as you?

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10 Things Entrepreneurs Must Avoid While Starting Their Ventures In India

Entrepreneurship is a tricky choice to make.

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Step by Step Guide to Get Your First 100 Clients

Here are 5 steps to make sure you get to that milestone of 100 clients very fast.

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Top ten fears likely to haunt startups

Experts believe that the thought of gaining a competitive edge is most likely to haunt the startup community.


3 step guide to manage introverts at work

Introverts bring a unique set of strengths to the table, and often conquer their weaknesses if a role demands.


Success hacks: What a housewife can teach an entrepreneur

'A housewife'- she is finally getting her due...


3 Strategies to make your app stand out

Small communities with high density provide a huge potential for a good product to spread virally in that market.


Why are most startup Entrepreneurs out of sync with reality?

The first thing any business owner needs to look at are the numbers on the ground.

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A rollercoaster ride of profit and loss

No matter what kind of company you build, the company has to be able to generate a profit eventually, and that alone is the sign of true success.


4 tips for startups before approaching an investor

These are the few key things that every investor look form the entrepreneurs.

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5 ways to channel freelance force for your startup

A lot of the times, the difficulty lies not in finding freelancers but in delegation of the work.

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7 maxims to a hitch-free startup

Getting a good team in place takes care of some of the most important things necessary in a fast-moving and fast-growing startup.


5 Employment Law Tips for Startups

Stay on top of employee-related legal issues as a new employer.

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5 questions to avoid while interviewing for a startup position

A set of confused questions being asked repeatedly turned out to be an amusing experience!

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Trying your hands on something new? Here are 4 stages of learning you should know

The four stages of learning or doing anything new: