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Fuel E-commerce in India: An Overview

Many startups across the world are leveraging tech to deliver on-demand fuel

S Shanthi

Why Social Commerce Startups are Drifting Away from Core Offerings

Meesho, WMall pivoted to e-commerce establishment, GlowRoad, SimSim, Shop101 have opted for a strategic buyout and Wooplr has shut shop

S Shanthi

What is Smear Campaign and What Companies Should Do About it?

After Meesho, travel tech startup EaseMyTrip is the latest to be informed about smear campaigns against the companay on Twitter

S Shanthi

Why Many Indian Startups Are Headquartered Overseas

Among other reasons, having the headquarters in a particular country simplifies the day-to-day operations of the startup, say experts

S Shanthi

The Rise of Hinglish, Tanglish and Other Hybrid Languages

With everyday conversations of millennials becoming a mix of vernacular languages and English, startups in sectors such as agritech, online dating, media and entertainment are cashing in on it

S Shanthi

#6 Impeccable Startup Trends for 2019

Some technologies and businesses have been showing strengths in the Indian market and have shaped up to be the trends of 2019

Madhurima Roy

Startup Trends 2016 : Steps Entrepreneurs Took To Tackle Tough Situations

We see co-working spaces with a common knowledge base as the way forward as this drastically cuts down costs.

Nikhil Kamath