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What Should You Expect From Startup Weekend Dubai 2017? Hear From 2016 Alum, Asm3ni Founder Nour Attia

What does it take to change your life from student to entrepreneur? For Nour Attia, founder of Asm3ni, just 54 hours.

Starting a Business

Why Techstars Acquired Startup Weekend

Techstars just announced that they acquired UP Global, including the organization's Startup Weekend, Startup Week, Startup Next, and Startup Digest programs. Here's why.

Starting a Business

Stuck at the Idea Phase? These 6 Collaboration Avenues Can Help.

Working with others on a project is one of the most effective ways to move an idea forward.


To Win a Startup Weekend, Get Excited, But Don't Talk Too Long

A guy named Bubba explains showmanship, brevity and other secrets of mesmerizing investors, even if you have a plain name.