Survival Strategies

How the Beauty Industry Has Pivoted Since the Pandemic

Digital migration became crucial for the survival of businesses in the beauty space.

5 Ways to Help Your Small Business Survive During the Pandemic

Don't be afraid to ask for help, either for your business, your staff or yourself.

Michelle Rivera

How to Create a Resilience Plan for Your Business

Disasters, natural and man-made, have entrepreneurs on alert. There's a new book out to serve as a survival guide.

Alex Gold

How to Survive the Crisis: 7 Steps to Turn Your Business into a Social Enterprise

Customers now demand social responsibility and this is no time to disappoint. Learn how to survive the crisis by being strategic and sustainable.

Jessica Lohmann

Covid-19: How to Achieve Positive Outcome from the Situation

While the crisis demands the world to come together on the battle and explore alternatives, it is imperative that organizations and its people extend their support and quickly adapt to the change in dynamics

Pradeep Lala

How European Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most of the Quarantine Period

Europe has been sealed off, but there is still much to be achieved.

Simon Moser

Corona Times 2020: Day 1- Lock Down Business Reflection

So we are here to look at BUSINESS SURVIVAL which is only asked for the next some months before we are clear where is the end of the tunnel

Gaurav Marya

Per Bylund

Three Ways to Survive as a Startup Beyond the First Three Years

Invest time in finding the right cofounders and building a lasting founding team

Kevin Ng

The Contribution of Banks in the Growth & Development of Entrepreneurship

Banks will always remain crucial to the growth and advancement, plus their operations offer a rock-hard backing which is capable of entrepreneurs in profitable and viable ventures

Ajay Sharma

Improving Start-up Survival Rate: "Design Thinking" to The Rescue

Design Thinking is a powerful leadership approach for creating customer-centric and innovative Startups

Ajay Batra

Does A Strike Hit The Heart Of Your Business?

Extended negotiations, drawn out demonstrations, and safety risks often result in a lose-lose situation for both parties, even when demands are met.