Growth Strategies

A Swiss Hotel Thrives in the Crisis. Investors Eat it Alive

Le Bijou, a network of high-end apartment hotels, not only showed impressive resilience to the crisis but also strengthened its strategic position


Are Countries Finally Outgrowing Their Fear of Blockchain?

The technology can herald a new era in effectively implementing national programs

Starting a Business

How to Start a New Business in Switzerland as an Expat

After moving to Switzerland for my husband's job, I found it easier to start a business than find a job.


What Marketers Can Learn From Switzerland's Cryptocurrencies

Swiss-based cryptocurrency projects are setting standards in blockchain marketing.


How Does the Crowdfunding Boom in Switzerland Affect the Rest of Europe?

Crowdfunding is taking off within the Swiss cantons. Here's why.

Growth Strategies

What India Can Learn From Switzerland To Improve Public Transport

The Zurich's public transport system, which is known for its dense network, punctuality and reliability

Business News

Police Have Been Filing Court Orders to Obtain Google Location Data -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: A new app is beating out Uber in the Middle East.

News and Trends

Controversial Alps Hotel Project Aims To Compete With UAE

Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel has teamed up with U.S.-based architectural and design practice Morphosis to build the 7132 Tower, a project designed to overtake the title of the world's tallest hotel.