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3 Ways to Fill Your Talent Pipeline as Tech Workers Ditch the Coasts

As more companies commit to remote or hybrid workforces, employees in expensive coastal cities are moving to the Midwest and similar places where their salaries go further.

Subash Alias

The Key to Achieving Your Company's Growth Strategies Is Talent

All companies, regardless of their growth forecast, need to be thinking about retaining the talent that they have and attracting new talent. Providing meaningful work, career development and flexibility will help you retain your current talent and attract new talent.

Anne Rush

5 Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs and Their Startups to be Successful

The key areas for entrepreneurs to prioritize as they build their businesses from the ground up.

Tom Livne

Leading By Letting Go: Building A Successful Business In The New Normal

There are three ways to manage people: tell them what to do, and how to do it; tell them what to do, and let them decide how to do it; or let them decide what to do, and how to do it.

Talal Bayaa

For Entrepreneurs, Apprenticeship is the Ideal Solution for Addressing the Labor Market Chaos

Deploying apprentices creates a strong pipeline of productive workforce essential for the growth of the enterprise--moving it from being a start-up to a unicorn

Sumit Kumar

Even Silicon Valley Giants Struggle Keeping Tech Talent. Here's How to Do Better.

Companies across the board should be doing more to retain these invaluable team players.

Jeff Mazur

The Growth Mindset That Has Taken This Local Company Global

When Wayne Zwiers launched Black Beard, global expansion was part of the plan. A disruptive mindset, focusing on talent and teams and developing strong leadership has driven growth. Here's what you can learn from Black Beard's journey.

How This British 'Talent Investor' is Helping Startups in Asia Turn into Global Businesses

Asia has some of the best technical talent and universities in the world, matched by the biggest potential for growth, says Entrepreneur First's co-founder Alice Bentinck

Pooja Singh

Tips to Retain Talent in the Startup Ecosystem

One of the biggest challenges faced by startups is that of talent retention

Manish Khera

Why 2019 is the Year to Start Using Analytics to Retain Your Best Talent

The ability to use the power of data to drive decision-support at the managerial level is now higher than it has ever been

Leong Chee Tung

Why HR Policies Are Prerequisites to Organizational Excellence

HR policies must complement the distinct culture of an organization and ensure fair treatment of its employees, only then success will come

11 Proven Ways Young Entrepreneurs Can Retain Employees

Everybody conducts exit interviews but a better retention strategy includes asking people why they stay.

Deep Patel