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How Can Tech Leaders Help Shape a Better World? By Doing These 3 Things

Tech leaders play a pivotal role in shaping society by making value-driven choices — like these three.

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Why the Satellite Tech Market is Poised to Dominate Many Sectors

The satellite technology market presents several challenges and opportunities, but it isn't just for rocket scientists – it's also fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to innovate.

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Industry's Top CEOs Say AI Has The Potential to Destroy Humanity in 5 to 10 Years. Here's Why We Need to Act – Now.

42% of the CEOs indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) could spell the end of humanity within the next decade. Here's what we know.

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Why Elon Musk and Other Tech Experts Are Worried About Artificial Intelligence

In the emerging AI era, notable tech figures celebrate the technology's astounding capabilities while other companies fiercely compete in the AI market. Yet, as businesses struggle to adapt, many tech experts voice concerns about AI's potential pitfalls.


The World According To Gary Vaynerchuk

Enter the mind of Gary Vaynerchuk and discover his love of failure, entrepreneurship and the 1980s.


How Strong Leaders Deal With Pushback on Technology Initiatives

Learn how tech leaders can deal with pushback on diverse technological initiatives.

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5 Business Predictions for 2023 Following the Downward Spiral in Tech

The most prominent tech titans announced tens of thousands of layoffs this year. With markets down over 30%, what's next in 2023, and how do we prepare for the recession?


This Is What It Takes to Be a Top Tech CEO Today

Do you know what it takes to be a leading technology executive? Let's find out.


6 Ways to Effectively Navigate Market Turbulence in the IT World

Continue to innovate and keep your business running profitably even during economic volatility.

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Web3 Could See Its Own Dot-Com Boom. Here's How To Survive The Bust.

The Web3 movement can learn a lot from Enron or Theranos, but history tells us it won't. In the absence of honesty, here's 3 tips to keep your Web3 investment from tanking.


Why Product-Led CEOs Are the Key to a Strong Tech Industry

Tech will go through an unprecedented leadership transition this decade.


Midlife Entrepreneurs Have a Lot of Life Left in Them

They have made an impact over the years, but what is next? It's their turn to fund and lead the next generation of innovation.


22 Habits of Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Other Successful Leaders

Do you share any of the morning, noon or night routines of the most innovative people in the world?

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9 Inspirational Quotes From Billionaire Entrepreneur Bill Gates

Words of wisdom from the most successful Harvard dropout.