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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Along With Telehealth And Teleconferences Can Help In Fighting COVID-19

Artificial intelligence can enable its productive tools to be employed to fight against COVID-19. Here's how

Operations & Logistics

This Company Is Making Texting With Your Doctor the New Normal

Vermont-based startup OhMD is making HIPAA-compliant texting free for medical practices across America and accelerating the ubiquity of telemedicine.

Starting a Business

Building To Last: Okadoc Founder And CEO Fodhil Benturquia

Benturquia's hope is to build an enterprise out of the Middle East that follows the stories of companies like Amazon and Apple, one that will stand the test of time, and have a legacy that will be remembered as well.


How 'Cloud Medicine' Can Change the Indian Healthcare Sector?

Creating a zero distance between health infrastructure and patients by providing a smart healthcare platform integrating four key technologies IoT (Internet of things), machine learning, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology


Digital Revolution in the Indian Healthcare Sector

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Bringing the Difference in the Healthcare Sector

News and Trends

How New-Age Healthcare Consumers Are Embracing Technology In Asia

Technology has facilitated access and directly helped meet consumer needs of comfort, care and quality

Growth Strategies

Mobile Health Makes a Big Bet On Bengaluru's

The Singapore-based startup believes's deep knowledge on artificial intelligence and machine learning will revolutionize healthcare

News and Trends

How Digital Penetration will Lead the Way to Increased Telemedicine Practice in India?

Telemedicine has the incredible potential to expand access to quality care and provide basic medical treatment to the entire population


How these Entrepreneurs are Providing Real-time Solutions to Existing Social Issues

The telemedicine market in India which has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 20 per cent holds the potential to cross $32 million mark by 2020


Indian Medical Specialists Have Gained a Great Reputation Globally, Here's One Scenario

The Columbia Asia Hospitals - India has been providing tele-radiology services since 2010, for remote areas in the country

Health & Wellness

Navigating the Challenges of the Consumer Health Universe

The industry has not yet achieved what it could be, but with the right focus, companies can blaze a new trail.

Science & Technology

What's Driving the Personalization of Healthcare?

Healthcare costs are steering consumers to telemedicine - there's an app for that.

Growth Strategies

Why Healthcare Industry Has Become Favorite Of Entrepreneurs

Healthcare have boomed over last few years, as evidence by number of funding deals.


Meet Spruce, a Telemedicine App Designed to Stop Acne in Its Tracks

Now you can get medical help for acne from the privacy of your own phone.