The Government

White House Hires Ex-Googler to Make Government Websites Suck Less (We Hope)

Uncle Sam: If at first you don't succeed, hire former Google wizard and resurrector Mikey Dickerson to clean up your mess. Again.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

· 3 min read

Immigrants Can Shed Fears of Entering the Startup World -- With These Strategies

Owning a company is an achievable goal for newcomers to America. Here's how.

Zeynep Ilgaz

· 4 min read

How 'Small Business' and 'Entrepreneur' Fare in State of the Union Addresses

Small businesses and entrepreneurs were mentioned just six times in Obama's speech. We examine how often past presidents have put them in the spotlight.

Diana Ransom

Do Small Businesses Really Need the SBA's Help?

The SBA's Small Business Development Centers serve over 500,000 entrepreneurs a year, but they're still on the budget chopping block.

Carol Tice

Five Resources for Turning Vets into Entrepreneurs

For the men and women of the U.S. military, starting a business in this economy can be tricky. Here are the government programs that aim to help veterans strike out on their own.

Diana Ransom

· 5 min read

A Definitive Guide to Government Grants

Everything you need to know in order to get a government grant.

Geoffrey Michael

· 6 min read

Virtual Classroom

SBA Small Business Classroom on the Web

Chieh Chieng

· 1 min read

40 Government Sites You Can't Live Without

Whether it's a loan, a contract or regulatory information you seek, these sites are just what you need to get acquainted with what the government can do to help you start or grow your business.

Karen E. Spaeder

· 13 min read

Have a Little Class

Small-business newbies can learn the ropes online.

Nichole L. Torres

· 1 min read


Entrepreneurial centers focus on those who've served.

Cynthia E. Griffin

· 1 min read

Wish Granted: Government Start-Up Help

If you're disabled or a veteran looking for start-up financing, our Shoestring Start-Up Expert has a few leads for you.

Kimberly Stanséll

· 4 min read

In The 'Hood

The world's growing at Internet speed, but your local economic development agency's still watching out for you.

Jacquelyn Lynn

· 2 min read