Tony Hawk


Tony Hawk, la leyenda de la patineta creará un skatepark en el metaverso

El parque virtual permitirá a los usuarios realizar acrobacias y equiparse con avatares y artículos inspirados por la carrera de Hawk.

Growing a Business

4 Lessons Tony Hawk Taught Me About Success

The most famous skateboarder of all time and the man behind the $1.4 billion Activision video game series talks about what it takes to stay at the top of your game while living a meaningful life.

Estrategias de crecimiento

4 lecciones que Tony Hawk me enseñó sobre el éxito

El skater más famoso de todos los tiempos y el hombre detrás de la serie de videojuegos Activision de $ 1.4 mil millones habla sobre lo que se necesita para mantenerse en la cima de su juego mientras vive una vida significativa.

Making a Change

Get Motivated: Watch Tony Hawk Do the Impossible at Age 48

Need some motivation? Check out the skateboard legend's attempt to replicate a move he pulled off 17 years ago.


10 Successful Entrepreneurs on How to Be Awesome

Startup advice from top entrepreneurs including Tony Hawk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


How Tony Hawk Skated Past Rookie Business Mistakes on His Ride to Success

The legendary skateboarder describes his early entrepreneurial wipeouts and the hard lessons he learned from them.

Science & Technology

Finally, Watch Tony Hawk Ride a Real Hoverboard

It looks like fun.


This Viral Hoverboard Video Looks Ridiculously Awesome -- Yet Sadly Fake

A 'startup' called HUVr Tech shows off its crazy technology. Oh right, it's probably just a hoax. Darn.


Bounce Back: The Inspiration Playlists of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs

From Spanx founder Sara Blakely to skateboard icon Tony Hawk, hear what music inspires high-profile entrepreneurs to quickly shift their mindset and face their challenges.

Social Media

QA: Tony Hawk on Taking His Business to the Next Level

Skateboard icon Tony Hawk carves out some time to talk Twitter, <em>Shred</em> and his new business book.

Growing a Business

The Innovators

They are the mad scientists, the game-changers, the contrarians.

Business Ideas

Xtreme Entrepreneurs

Discover what it takes to turn your passion for Xtreme sports into a successful business.


Forward Thinkers

Get your business on the cutting edge with lessons from these 16 small-business pioneers.


Tony Hawk Carves a New Niche

The master of the half-pipe and creator of a skateboard empire is about to introduce his latest trick: a skateboard without wheels