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How to Negotiate a Commercial Agreement Like a Pro

No matter the industry, negotiating is crucial to finding the fairest deal possible.

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Importance of UAE-Israel Trade Synergy Highlighted At Virtual Event Held By Dubai Chamber

The event highlighted tourism, healthcare, technology, agriculture, water technology, and clean and solar energy as key sectors where business synergy could be attained by both governments.

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How Will the Global Trade Finance Sector Help In the Growth Of the Country

There are times when governments should rightly intervene in the operation of the free market, but this should be the exception rather than the rule

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India's Withdrawal From RCEP: Is It Better Off?

India's focus has shifted to the creation of a strong domestic agricultural and industrial base, and therefore, joining the RCEP no longer appears to be a priority

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What Vietnam Stands To Gain From the Free Trade Agreement With Other 14 Countries

The new trade agreement will help lower tariffs on trade and boost the economy in the region

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China Leads World's Largest Free Trade Bloc With 14 Countries

India did not sign the deal due to concerns over lower tariffs that could hurt local producers

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#7 Steps To Advocate Trade Policies

Economists have had a massive collision on trade policy, and they offer a sturdy foundation for free trade and for elimination of trade blockades. Though the intention of a trade accord is to ease up trade, the actual supplies are heavily shaped by conjugal and global political realities

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RCEP put on backburner. Will it affect business ties?

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be hosting Indian-ASEAN Business Summit which will see participation from five out of 10 RCEP countries

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How Indo-China Informal Meet would Benefit Indian Business

PM Narendra Modi and China's President Xi Jinping held their Second Informal Summit in Chennai, India, on 11-12 October 2019.

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4 Reasons India is Seeking To Reframe Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN

Details will be reviewed and a final report will be submitted at the upcoming ASEAN Economic Ministers-India Consultations

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What External Affairs Minister's Meet Would Unsheathe from Indo-Nepal Joint Commission Meet?

The Indo-Nepal Joint commission meet would boost up the economic partnership, Trade and Bilateral relationship


Things to Know About In-House Financing in Automotive Industry

With an annual production of 24 million vehicles every fiscal year the Indian Automotive industry is emerging as one of the major players

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About to Make a Business Deal? Follow These Negotiation Tactics

A prudent way of initiating a deal is to appear reluctant

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5 Key Takeaways For Entrepreneurs From India-UK Tech Summit 2016

Theresa May described the potential of the relationship with India as limitless.

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Worried About 'Free Trade'? Let's Strive For 'Ethical Trade' Instead.

Trade can bring many benefits. But it becomes problematic when 'more' trade is always considered better,