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2022: The Year Of EV Ecosystem Building

India faces two key challenges: first, the availability of lithium and second, an EV charging infrastructure

Growing a Business

It's the Year of Twos: How to Double Your Revenue in 2022

With the right mindset and strategy, it's well within reach.

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Why Startups And Large Companies Will Choose To Move More Towards Flexible Workspaces

Corporates are looking for a fresh and more inclusive working model to appeal to the evolved workforce


Is Monotasking the New Multitasking?

Forget multitasking, break the trap of busyness. Try monotasking to get your focus, attention and super efficiency back this year

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Now Is the Time to Get a Grip Around New Data-Privacy Realities

Compliance might have seemed like a daunting task in the recent past, but things are just getting exciting as we move into 2022.


Tech Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Technology has sustained us and enabled us through the pandemic. It has revolutionized the way we live and work and continues to redefine and restructure the manner in which enterprises can run, change, and grow their business efficiently

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Blended Learning Will Be the Way Forward For the Education Sector

Blended learning or a balanced composition of physical and digital learning has now become the 'New Essential'

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Clean Beauty To Dominate the Beauty And Skincare Industry

It is fascinating to see how this niche market completely took over a global industry and is now an independent vertical in itself

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Why Is Outcomation a Topic Every CEO Should Discuss In the Coming Year?

Outcomation will be the key for firms to command an edge over peers amid cut-throat competition and maintain their relevance over time

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How the Indian Hospitality Industry Is Transforming Through Innovation

With realigned strategies, innovative tactics, and a tech-first approach, the hospitality space is already making a comeback

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How Will EdTech Do In the New Year

Online learning is not only part of the "new normal", it is also giving rise to new and exciting possibilities in 2022 and beyond

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The Future Of Workspace: Journey Into the New Year

The new normal is what will shape workspaces in 2022 and a number of factors will influence decision-making

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Outlook 2021 For Fintech Industry Trends: Future Appears Bright For Fintech

The wealth of data that fintech is garnering will form the foundation on which fintech would build intelligent, intuitive and sharper solutions that find resonance in the market place quicker.

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Key Trends That Will Shape E-Commerce Industry In 2021

According to IBEF, India's e-commerce market is expected to reach $111 billion by 2021 and $200 billion by 2026

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The Future Of the Retail Industry

Change is an inevitable part of life and adapting to it is the only way forward. If you cannot change the situation, you must start finding ways to survive and live with it