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Tech Trends To Watch Out For This Year Technology has sustained us and enabled us through the pandemic. It has revolutionized the way we live and work and continues to redefine and restructure the manner in which enterprises can run, change, and grow their business efficiently

By Rajesh Chandiramani

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We are living in a remarkable era-defining moment in time. COVID-19 has redefined the way we live, work, and interact with our family and friends. As we continue to grapple with COVID-19, we believe that technology has been our savior and the enabler of the hyper connected world we are living in today. When it was the question of life and the living, digital technologies played the leading role in taking a COVID-battered world out of the woods.

Today, as we attempt to visualize a coherent version of tomorrow, the first thing that comes to our mind is innovation. We think data led innovation, zero-touch networks, and quantum computing are the trends to watch out for. Along with that, we see 5G and network modernization continuing its momentum in 2022. Additionally, we think, customer experience transformation along with cloud and data technology adoption will stay dominant trends this year as well.

A pinch of zero-touch network and a dash of customer experience

Digital transformation involves blending of digital technology into all aspects of a business. It is about changing the way a business interacts with customers and provides them a consistent experience anytime and anywhere. In tandem with this, adoption of zero-touch networks is inevitable. Zero-touch networks remove the complication of maintaining physical infrastructure and allow CSPs to save resources and costs, with no complex systems in place, while concurrently enhancing customer experience vastly.

Hence, to enhance customer experience, operators will look at introducing the zero-touch network, which will enable end-to-end digital customer journeys. This implies that all the physical touchpoints will be brought to zero, thereby introducing fully digital sales and support functions, while keeping their initial investment and overheads low.

Indeed, the intervention of technology in Customer Experience will realign the way products and services are consumed. Consumers will be subject to a hyper-personalized experience augmented with Artificial Intelligence insights leading to an enhanced customer-journey. This will prompt CSPs to implement more flexible and agile back-end operations and systems to support more advanced and digital services, including automated workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, hyperscale infrastructure, and cloud-native platforms rather than working on traditional and complex infrastructure.

Cloud-native platforms and digital transformation

The convergence of emerging technological and business model transformations is creating a set of whole new possibilities for customers. Cloud native platforms offer one such opportunity by reducing dependencies on infrastructure. With SaaS-based products ruling the market, hybrid cloud deployments, the concern of security urging the shift to cloud, and replacement of heavy data warehouse devices with cloud in analytics, the industry will see a new wave of digital transformation.

We believe that in 2022 cloud native platforms will serve as a foundation for the majority of new digital initiatives. Moreover, the rise in big data and data analytics will also accelerate cloud migration and cloud-native solutions, predictive analytics, and much more, to offer more flexibility, scalability, collaboration, and reduced costs.

On a road to quantum decade

One of the emerging technologies, Quantum Computing, has made its way from being just a research experiment to a tool that has enabled enterprises of today to solve complex queries. Quantum Computing using the principles of Quantum Mechanics, has brought about an unprecedented increase in computational power which has allowed greater penetration of artificial intelligence and helped resolve complex business-problems. There is still a lot of progress to be seen in this field, but experts are predicting that we have begun on the road to the Quantum decade with some of the major tech giants trying to find out ways to monetize quantum computing.

To sum up, 2022 will see a transitional phase with 5G instigating metamorphosis of the industry, and digitalization of networks and service offerings continuing to drive revenue and subscriber growth. CSPs will have to accelerate this growth by implementing modern, next-gen applications and infrastructure, such as, leveraging the public cloud without compromising cybersecurity. With artificial intelligence, IoT, automation, use of blockchain technology, cloud tech, and metaverse entering the industry, the world may see growth as never seen before.

We must intelligently use these technologies to enhance our human capabilities and sensitivities to improve the social, environmental, and economic fabric of the society. Technology perhaps has never been so present in our lives. Its ubiquity makes it an extremely powerful tool for delivering change that is positive for all of us. It is time for the world to move ahead together using the power of digital technologies.
Rajesh Chandiramani

Business Head, Communications-Media-Entertainment, EMEA and APJI, Tech Mahindra

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