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India Has Fairly Large Forex Reserve To Tide Over Current Currency Market Situation, Says Ajay Seth

The economic affairs secretary said that the concerns over the reserves were overblown

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Your Money Is Now Losing Close to 1 Percent of Its Value Every 30 Days, According to Labor Bureau Data

Currently, inflation of the U.S. dollar is at its highest level since 1990.

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Dollar Hits 4-Month High Against Euro as Jobs Data Triggers Fed Tapering Bets

The dollar climbed against major currency pairs on Monday, briefly hitting a four-month high versus the euro.


I am a Bitcoiner & Now a Millionaire with 3000% Returns

'Trend is your friend. So follow the trend or invest on it and be a millionaire like me'

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#5 Quotes From the #WEF 2017 That Can Shake the World Economy

The WEF meeting was dominated by various subjects like Robotics, China, Donald Trump and Brexit this year.

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RBI Keeps Repo Rates Unchanged: How Does It Impact The Industry

Real estate, housing market in limbo

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Tourists Buying Less Luxury Items, Hurting Tiffany and Other Retailers

The upscale jeweler expects profit to fall in the first half of this fiscal year.

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Strong Dollar Puts Pressure on 'Made in USA' Firms

The dollar's run-up over the past six months is pinching small exporters, who say they're facing pricing pressure and overseas competition.

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What a U.S. Default Might Mean for Small Businesses

As the political bickering over the nation's debts goes on, business owners may be wondering how a default could affect them.