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I am a Bitcoiner & Now a Millionaire with 3000% Returns 'Trend is your friend. So follow the trend or invest on it and be a millionaire like me'

By Keshav Aggarwal

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I will start with a candid confession — I am not the only one who has stuck a pot of coins by chance. These gains are common in the Cryptocurrency market.

I didn't mint my coins nor was I an early adopter of Bitcoins. I am just a trader, who tried to push his luck buying up coins that were earlier largely under-valued.

I opened an account, transferred INR 60K into bitcoin currency and traded it till I could hit the INR 20 lakh figure.

There are opportunities galore for those interested in investing in cryptocurrency, only if they can pay a little attention to news updates, carefully follow the charts and the trend of rise and fall in prices and also understand how the market reacts to it.

It is not very difficult to spot the hottest new coin and trade on it instantly.

In the cryptocurrency market, news affect the pricing much more than in regular stock market. I am adept at reading charts and interpreting the price fluctuations and this helped me and it's raining coins now.

So How Did I Start?

I came to know about Bitcoins in January 2017 from an MLM Scheme. I came across a video on Youtube that talked about price analysis, technology, and trend. The video prompted me to make an investment of INR 60 K in this currency and in an MLM scheme that promised great returns. Unfortunately, the scam ended abruptly and I lost my money.

That was a lesson learnt the hard way and I decided never to in any MLM scheme in future.

Though I was running out of money that time, but my faith in cryptocurrency trading still remained intact. So, I went to my bank and asked for a loan. (I am not suggesting anyone to get into a debt to support his/her investment schemes, unless he/she is absolutely sure about it.)

The amount got credited to my account and I was once again ready to test my luck, albeit this time on a cautious note — once bitten, twice shy. I resolved I would not put my bitcoins into any such intriguing scheme.

I followed a well-structured procedure. Whenever the value of Bitcoin goes up, I encashed them to repay my loan and meet my personal expenses.

Being passionate about investments, I regularly read news articles on cryptocurrency.

I also joined various social media groups and interacted with a lot of people who understand the nuts and bolts of trading. I came to know that this industry is not limited to Bitcoins. There are several other digital currencies called Altcoins (Other Digital Currencies).

In April 2017, I opened my account on the Exchange for the first time to put all my money and I was left with 0.4 Bitcoin in my wallet. It was The Game Changer Move.

Later, I invested my remaining 0.4 bitcoin in 10+ CryptoCurrencies after a thorough research in these currencies. Within two months, I was reaping the rewards — four Bitcoins from an investment of 0.4 bitcoin. The rest is history.

Where are We Now?

In the past four months, the market has been crashing like hell due to Fork of Bitcoin (Fork is change in technology to make the network fast and reliable). I have lost two coins in this period, but still have two bitcoins invested in the market, which currently are valued at more than INR 20 lakh.

My short journey till now in this space has been quite a learning experience. I learnt about various new technologies, investments. In this one year I have interacted with people on social media like never before. Currently, I am the admin of Bitcoin Investor Group on Whatsapp (The Most Popular Group on Whatsapp in India for Bitcoiners). Here we share our trading signals, our investment strategies, do all sorts of analysis that will help us earn more money in this market.

Is Greed Good?

People now ask me a lot of questions. If I will invest in Bitcoins in future? Is Bitcoin like a Ponzi scheme? How does it work and why the value is going up?

One thing I can vouch for is that no one knows or understands this trading market inside out. Not even Warren Buffet. But one thing I know for sure — this is a technology and it is our future. An old adage says, "Trend is your friend." So follow the trend or invest on it and be a millionaire like me.

Is the Game Still Winnable?

The current cap of crypto market is $400+ Billion, in which 50% is owned by Bitcoin and the rest is made up of other digital currencies. I think this will beat the market cap of gold ($3 Trillion) in the next three years.

What Does It Take To Become a Millionaire?

It takes tremendous amount of passion, willingness to learn and generosity to share (We get living by what we get, we get Life by what we give). Today, at this point of my life I love to share my experience, my strategy about investments and help those who really want to put their best foot forward towards their financial future.

Managing Your Portfolio Is Like Managing Your Financial Life

Remember It's Your Duty Not Your Broker's.

Keshav Aggarwal

Bitcoin Enthusiast

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