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Tesla Is Years Away From Its Goal of Reaching Apple

It might be more than two decades before the electric car maker reaches Apple's current market value.


Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Values Apple at More Than $1 Trillion

Icahn said Apple's price-to-earnings ratio should be about 20 times.


With Big Solar Power Deal, Apple's Market Cap Closes Over $700 Billion

Apple set a record, becoming the first American company to close with such a high market cap.


How a High Valuation Can Run Your Business Into the Ground

An inflated early-stage valuation makes raising the first round of capital easier but the expectations make everything after harder.

David Mandell

Will the Tech-Startup Bubble Burst in 2015?

Peter Cohan describes some of the key indications: a flood of late-stage investment, a spike in sky-high valuations and a rising tide of venture-capital-backed IPOs.

Peter S. Cohan

Let's Stop Laughing at Groupon

Groupon is not a cautionary tale of unicorns past.

Dan Primack

How to Determine the Value of Your Pre-Revenue Startup

Here are the formulas and turns of phrase the experts use to determine what your work is worth.

Sam Hogg

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Where Big Tech Is Headed

We're in the early stages of a data-science revolution, he says.

Adam Lashinsky

How to Get a $1 Billion Valuation in Just Eight Months

How can Slack, a business software company that makes a product that's less than a year old, be worth more than $1 billion?

Erin Griffith

You Think Your Startup Is Worth How Much?

Here are five ways to defend your valuation to investors.

Brian Foley

Home Improvement Startup Porch Raises $65 Million at $500 Million Valuation

The 16-month-old company plans to allocate funds towards enhancing its new mobile app.

Geoff Weiss

5 Things Business Owners Should Keep in Mind With Succession Planning

Being properly prepared puts the company leader in the best vantage point even if a sale is not immediately on the horizon.