Starting a Business

How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Startup Valuation

In a landscape where down rounds are rising and a good business idea doesn't always equal financial gain, entrepreneurs must navigate the tricky waters of valuation with a clear-eyed approach to secure the funding they need.

Growing a Business

From Growth to Profitable Exit — Actionable Strategies As You Sell Your Business

As you embrace the exciting shift toward a sale, remember that the most important thing is having a thoughtful transition strategy.


Shark Tank India Startups' Valuation Soars 6X with External Investors

Shark Tank India, including seasons 1 and 2, invested more than INR 1 billion in the deals. Within a period of 1.5 years, the majority of the startups who were featured on the show during season 1 closed transactions with outside investors that were 6X bigger in value.

Thought Leaders

7 Preparation Essentials for Selling a Business

Even if you're not ready to cash out of an enterprise just yet, there are a number of advantages in always being ready.


It's a Good Time to be an Investor as Valuations have Moderated Following the 2021–22 Bubble: VCs

According to a PwC report, investment in Indian startups fell to their lowest level in the first half (H1) of the current calendar year. Investors, however, believe that the best investment opportunities arise in circumstances like these, when entrepreneurs focus on sustainable growth and valuations are grounded in reality.


The Volatility of Valuations: How are Investors Recalibrating It?

The startup ecosystem has indeed witnessed some corrections in valuations in recent times. Exuberant valuations that were prevalent in certain sectors, particularly in the tech industry, have faced increased scrutiny and adjustments.

News and Trends

Fidelity Investments Slash Meesho's Valuation By 10%

The valuation markdown for Meesho has come at a time when the Bengaluru-based startup is looking at reducing its cash burn


Vertex Ventures Wants to Back Founders Building Good Companies Rather Than Chasing Valuation: Piyush Kharbanda

An early stage investor, Vertex Ventures mostly invests in the seed funding and Series A stage. Supported by Singapore state investor Temasek, it has made 34–35 investments so far from its $305 million Fund IV launched in 2019.


Valuation Cuts Calls for Prioritising a Sustainable and Resilient Startup Ecosystem

Investors regularly monitor their portfolios in the erratic startup environment and adjust to shifting market conditions. Valuation reductions serve as a reminder of the value of thorough study, wise judgement, and the capacity to deal with uncertainty.

News and Trends

US-Based Invesco Cuts Swiggy's Valuation To $5.5 Billion

According to reports, Swiggy's valuation has been lowered by 48.6% from January last year, putting it behind its listed peer, Zomato, which had a market capitalization of around $6.9 billion on May 8

Starting a Business

From Paper Wealth to Material Wealth — 3 Things Founders Need to Know About Liquidity

Today, companies are staying private longer. The article highlights three key things founders should consider in this new entrepreneurial journey to keep valuation high and reach a liquidity event.

Money & Finance

What Every Founder Needs to Know About the Valuation Gap Between Entrepreneurs and Investors

For founders to most effectively bridge the valuation gap between themselves and investors, they must establish trust through the following four approaches.

Growing a Business

What SaaS Companies Need to Focus on to Survive Market Downturns

Here's how SaaS companies can prepare to ride out the falling valuation wave and catch the rising tide again.

News and Trends

Dream11's Parent Raises $400 Mn; Valuation Soars To $5 Bn

The latest round of funding has made Dream Sports one of the most valued Indian startups in the league of Paytm, Oyo, Byju's, Zomato

Buying / Investing in Business

Zoom Earned More In 3 Months Than All of Last Year

The video conferencing company's stock soared roughly 23 percent, and its second quarter sales are up 355 percent from last year.