Venture Funding


Venture Capital 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Startups Seeking Investment

Fundraising is a challenging and stressful process for every startup, not only because the future of your business depends on potential funding but also because you have to exert significant effort to make your company appear investable.

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pi Ventures Raises $8 Million From UK's British International Investment

The fund will be used to invest in startups focused on disruptive AI and other forms of deep tech across sectors

Growth Strategies

Want to Focus on Business and Not Fret about Funding? Talk to This VC

IIFL Asset Management's seed venture fund believes that providing adequate and timely capital to entrepreneurs makes them execute ideas better


Franchise India to invest in 25 start-ups in FY2019-20; tech businesses on radar

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur! Serial entrepreneur and angel investor Gaurav Marya shares the investment plans of Franchise India.

News and Trends

Stanford is the Top Producer of Startups in the World

The University produces a new breed of startups, including the rarer unicorns and female-founded companies


Here's How You Can Build a Startup Without External Funding

It appears to be unthinkable but with the right vision and hardwork it is possible to build a startup without any funding from outside

News and Trends

Why This Investor Made a Big Bet on These Three Start-ups

The Co-founder shares what clicked with him for three of the Stellaris's portfolio companies


Being an Investor Can be as Taxing as Being an Entrepreneur : Here's Why

When large bets are involved, the going can get really tough for investors