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Virgin Atlantic Makes History With New Change to Employee Dress Code

The airline will become the first U.K.-based airline to relax the antiquated policy.

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Sky-High Scare: Flight Forced to Turn Around After Pilot Reveals He's Not Qualified to Fly

Passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York were in for a shock on Monday.


Sky-High Scare: Vuelo obligado a dar la vuelta después de que el piloto revela que no está calificado para volar

Los pasajeros de un vuelo de Virgin Atlantic de Londres a Nueva York se quedaron impactados el lunes.

Business News

The Airline Industry Will Release a Covid-19 Passport for Your iPhone Next Month

Barbados will accept the pass on flights from London starting on April 16th.

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These #3 Billionaires Will Make Your Space Travel a Reality Soon

Billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are leading the race to space with their specially designed programmes

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Watch Legendary Entrepreneur Richard Branson Share His Secrets to Startup Success

The British serial entrepreneur recently spoke in L.A. about how startups can take the global market by storm with revolutionary ideas.