Wellness Plans


8 Natural Wellness Habits That Will Keep You Mentally Healthy and Happy

With some consistency, you can experience optimal wellness with these habits.


A Physician Entrepreneur's 5 Lifestyle Hacks for the New Year

While the hacks may look daunting, they are very easy to implement.


Self-Care for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

How to practice self-care in the midst of an ultra-busy lifestyle without spending a dime.

News and Trends

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India prepares for Stage 3 as the cases of coronavirus rocket


The Importance of Sleep For a Better Workplace Culture

"In many a music, it's the pause or rest, that gives the piece its beauty and its shape." – Pico Iyer, author - The Art of Stillness


Power Up Your Wellness Program With Predictive Analytics

Leveraging predictive analytics doesn't have to be a mammoth task! The right H&W partner will crunch the data, make your wellness program more responsive and relevant, and engage with employees


What Will 2019 Bring for Wellness Tourism in India: An Outlook

Statistics say that travellers take a whopping 586 million wellness trips each year and that's what we need to in cash

Starting a Business

Can Trichology be a Business? This Entrepreneur Claims There is no Direct Competitor in the Market

The brand is also looking to invest between two to three crores in start-ups which are focused on building the brand online and is planning to go global by next year


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Globalization of Yoga has eased the path to globalization for Ayurveda says MD of Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan.


5 Reasons Enhanced Benefits Programs Are Good for Business

Meaningful, ongoing benefits are good for employees, team culture and your bottom line.

Growing a Business

Watch What Happens When You Invest in Employee Wellness

Wellness isn't fluff -- what your CHRO needs to know.


Waving The Wellness Flag

Luthra shares her endeavors towards placing the fitness and beauty industry at par with those of the most advanced countries internationally.


How to Cope When the Mandatory Workplace Health Program Is Driving You Crazy

They can lead you to the salad bar but they can't make you eat.