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FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill, Expanding Access to Contraception

The daily oral contraceptive is expected to be available in early 2024 through stores and online retailers.


These Co-Founders Let Women Freeze Their Eggs for Free — Cracking Open the 'Inaccessible' Industry. Their Cutting-Edge Model Solves Another Major Fertility Issue Too.

Just one egg-freezing cycle can cost upwards of $10,000. Cofertility co-founders Lauren Makler, Halle Tecco and Arielle Spiegel are giving women another option.

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Gynoveda Raises $10 Million In Series A Funding Round

The funds will be deployed to double down on strengthening R&D, formulating new ayurvedic offerings, onboarding talent, expanding distribution channels and increasing brand awareness


Women Are Leaving the Workforce Because of This Overlooked Issue. Here's How Companies Can Support Them.

Learn how companies can better support their menopausal employees with these six strategies.

Health & Wellness

This Physician Wants to Change the Way You Carry Your Baby

Dr. Lena Shahbandar is a physician and entrepreneur who designed a new baby carrier to help parents and caregivers reduce back and joint pain.


5 Things To Keep In Mind While Building a Women's Healthcare Company

The stigma attached to seeking help has stopped many women from being proactive in managing their healthcare needs

Health & Wellness

How this Tech Entrepreneur, Biohacker, and Author is Helping Women with Their Periods

The founder and CEO of Flo Living on the future of biohacking and hormonal healthcare.

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Improving Women's Healthcare By Way Of Edinburgh

Looking to Scotland's model as an example of how to innovate.

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Business Beyond Stigma: How Startups Are Disrupting Products Around Women's Wellness

There are brands such as Nua, The Woman's Company, Sanfe, Pee Safe, among others, that are catering to women's hygiene and raising awareness with its products

Growth Strategies

Global Healthcare Company Organon And Egypt-Based Flat6Labs Partner To Elevate Women's Health Innovation Across the MENA

Organon brings its innovative solutions that serve people in more than 140 markets around the world to the MENAT region too.

Growth Strategies

A Purpose-Led Vision: Organon MENAT's Ramy Koussa

Ramy Koussa, Associate Vice President for the MENAT at Organon, on how his global healthcare company is aiming to create a better (and healthier) every day for every woman in the world.

Growth Strategies

Global Healthcare Company Organon To Stage An Event At Expo 2020 Dubai's USA Pavilion On How Innovation Is Transforming Women's Health On February 24, 2022

The invitation-only event set to be held at Expo 2020 Dubai's USA Pavillion will also be broadcast live to pre-registered online attendees.

Thought Leaders

COVID-19 Is Changing How Women Think About Their Fertility

Here's how one startup is helping them navigate critical decisions around fertility, careers and money.


Why It's Important To Address the Mental Health Needs Of Women

While men and women are afflicted equally by mental illnesses, there are differences in the ways these disorders manifest in both genders.

News and Trends

How This Startup Is Looking To Disrupt The Women's Healthcare Space Using AR

TheaCare is a multimedia knowledge platform and is looking to debunk false connotations associated with women's healthcare