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What Made World Bank's IFC Pump in Money Into This Start-up

The insurtech recently secured USD 22 Million in a Series C funding led by IFC, Transamerica and existing investors

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Why Should SMEs and Startups be Provided with a Definitive Platform

A majority of small businesses face insurmountable challenges like lack of business connections, limited awareness of tools and best practices

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Here's What India's Rise in Ease of Doing Business Ranking Means to Corporates, Start-ups & SMEs

"India is the only South Asian country and BRICS nation to feature among most improved economies"

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World Bank Chief Echoes Indian Prime Minister on Demonetization

In her interview, she has compared Modi's decision to the European Union.

Growth Strategies

How Can Entrepreneurs Manage Resources During Testing Times

Unit economics is very important and especially when you realize there is cash crunch!


Venture Capitalist at IFC Feels Hardware Startups are a Risky Investment Bet

"In order for us to succeed we will have to get every element of the supply chain best in class in terms of cost structure"

Starting a Business

India Now World's #155 In Ease Of Starting A Business

The World Bank said India has embarked on an ambitious reform path.

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Financial Tech Startups Compete For Overlooked US Immigrant Market

Many emerging companies in the fast-growing FinTech sector view financial services for immigrants as an untapped source of revenue.


Digital Empowerment For All: Is India Ready To Push The Envelope?

To empower the marginalized communities in India with easy access to digital tools, a wave has already taken off.

Science & Technology

World Bank CIO: 'IT is Not a Cost to Be Constrained'

Stephanie von Friedeburg explains how open data, cloud computing and mobile are integral to the future of financial services.