Youth Development

World Green Economy Summit 2021 To Give Youth A Platform For Innovative Ideas On Sustainable Recovery

The summit will enable its young participants to engage in discourse, and communicate their ideas and experience.

Strategy Bites: Nouf Sufyani, aka Cosmicat, DJ And Music Producer

The new direction that Saudi Arabia has taken recently towards arts, music, and support to youth has opened up an avenue of opportunities, says DJ and music producer Nouf Sufyani.

Online Gaming Trends and Innovations For 2021

The booming online gaming industry is a mutually beneficial ecosystem for entrepreneurs, players and gaming developers

Varun Mahna

Applications Welcome: Lock&Stock Launches Founder's Club Platform As A Launchpad For Young Entrepreneurs

Dubai-based startup Lock&Stock is debuting the Founder's Club, an initiative to help and guide young entrepreneurs in the UAE kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Pamella de Leon

Harnessing The Potential Of Women And Youth In A Post-Pandemic World

When we undervalue the importance of women and youth in our economic system, we not only hinder our collective recovery, but also hold systems back from preparedness for future crisis. With the world changing so drastically, we have the unique opportunity to shape the future they deserve.

Young Emirati Entrepreneurs Develop Business Ideas For A Better Tomorrow At INJAZ UAE's 'National Company Program Competition'

The top winners of this year's INJAZ UAE's 'National Company Program Competition' have impressed judges with compelling business ideas for a better tomorrow.

Megha Merani

Arab Youth Center Announces Inaugural Youth Hackathon To Combat Challenges Related To The COVID-19 Crisis In Arab Societies

The contest is to be held over a three-week period from May 12 to May 31 and encourages Arab youth to provide technically innovative and implementable solutions to the current challenges.

10 Prominent Women Education Leaders Share Steps to Improve the U.S. Education System

Learn from voices inside the American education system on what works well and what needs improvements.

Penny Bauder

Rediscovering Better Educated India by Uplifting Rural Education

When we set to think about the growth of the nation, we take various factors into consideration, education is one of them.

Ritesh Rawal

Top 5 Millennial-Friendly Cities in Asia Pacific to Live and Work

APAC is the world's millennial hub, home to a 58 per cent of the world's 20- to 38-year-old population

Pooja Singh

Young Arab Leaders Hosts British Council-HSBC Taqaddam Winners

Taqaddam, Arabic for 'Moving Forward', is an innovative program run in partnership between HSBC and British Council to foster leadership skills among the MENA youth.

A New Way To Learn: Five Guiding Principles For Future Education

A change in how we educate is necessary to realize the radical future we see for the world.