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Why Amazon, Zara, and H&M Are Losing Customer Loyalty and Paying a Very Costly Price

Why risk obliterating customer trust for a few dollars? That's the high-stakes gamble that's plaguing the business landscape as companies increasingly implement return fees.


Llaman a boicotear a Zara quemando prendas de la marca

Palestinos acusaron de racista al dueño de Zara en Israel por apoyar a un político de ultraderecha.


Uniqlo cambia su postura y detiene sus operaciones en Rusia

La marca de ropa japonesa se une a una larga lista de empresas que han cesado operaciones en territorio ruso, pese a su postura inicial.

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TikTok Exposes Hidden Symbol Sizing Guide on Popular Retailer's Tags

In a video that has since gone viral, TikTok user @officially_outfits shared a shocking secret hidden on the tag of Zara items.

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Zara Is the Latest Perpetrator of T-Shirt Outrage Thanks to a Gluten-Themed Crop Top

The retailer pulled a shirt that reads: 'Are You Gluten Free?' after it drew mixed reactions.

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Why Zara Is Going to Install iPads in Its Fitting Rooms

It'll make changing your mind a lot less stressful.