Florida inicia la liberación de mosquitos genéticamente alterados para evitar la propagación del Zika

De funcionar la primera etapa del programa, podrían liberarse hasta 750 millones de mosquitos en Estados Unidos.

Science & Technology

Florida Begins Release of Genetically Altered Mosquitoes to Prevent Spread of Zika

If the first stage of the program works, up to 750 million mosquitoes could be released in the United States.

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How the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Start-up Funding in Asia

The SARS and Zika outbreaks wiped out billions of dollars in private market funding at their peaks. Does the latest coronavirus outbreak also spell doom for start-up funding?

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Is the Zika Virus Heading to Your Town? Google Will Find Out.

The company gave $1 million to the U.N. child agency to map the Zika virus and anticipate how it would spread.

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2 Biotech Companies Lead the Race to Develop a Zika Vaccine

Although the Zika vaccine may still be years away.