A Show About Filmmaking From Home w/ Neil Garguilo

Neil Garguilo gives a few helpful tips for your 100% remote production.

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About the Series

Running a small business out of your home is not easy. Neil Garguilo understands this. The L.A.-based, Emmy-winning comedy writer and filmmaker has been producing and directing multiple TV and online projects from his living room since stay-at-home orders took effect last March. That includes executing his duties as co-creator and showrunner of the Syfy original animated series Hell Den.

That's also why Garguilo — whose 2019 Funny Or Die shorts Brainwashed By Toons, featuring songs co-written by Jason Alexander, Wayne Brady and Lea Thompson examining how cartoons have helped normalize bigotry and sexism, won Outstanding Original Song at the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards — is an ideal guide to getting by despite practical limitations. 

The Entrepreneur.com exclusive A Show About Filmmaking From Home w/ Neil Garguilo offers sane, sage and witty wisdom on how to manage any creative endeavor amidst the new normal, from remote hiring to work-life balance and setting expectations.

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