50 Smart Travel Tips


38. Banish food stains. Press the nib of the $3 Tide to Go stain remover pen on fresh food stains to release solvent, then rub it over fabric. The stain disappears--even, in our test, a splash of radioactive orange kimchi.

39. Join a club. For $500/year, Neiman Marcus's "CouTour" clubpromises custom luxury trips, like Tuscany with Salvatore Ferragamo's grandson. Plus: free upgrades, spa visits.

40. Go green.Rainforestalliance.orghas a guide to tourist ventures in the Americas that respect the environment--and workers.

41. "Lost" in China. Hook up the $249 Slingboxto a home TV and watch your shows in real time anywhere in the world on your PC.

42. Found in China. With a $10 sticker from trackit back.com affixed to your cell, laptop, or camera, the service will cover costs for the return of lost items.

43. Learn Marine lore. The National Museum of the Marine Corps, to open in Quantico, Va., in November, goes from boot camp to Iwo Jima.

44. Get hitched free. Occidental Hotels in Aruba and other exotic spots invite you to wed on their dime: party, photos, and more. But freedom has a price: six rooms for four nights at $1,436 a night. The offer expires October 31.

45. Tune in, tune out. The $40 RaceQuiet earphones muffle travel noise while you enjoy Rachmaninoff MP3s.

46. Zagat to go. Subscribe to 25,000 reviews ($25), downloadable to a BlackBerry.

47. Crank your cell. The tiny SideWinder ($25) lets you recharge your phone by cranking a handle. Two minutes of churning yields about six minutes of talk.

48. Use less gas. Your mileage is best from 35 to 55 mph, says a AAA spokesman. And quick accelerating and decelerating is a gas waster.

49. Not as think as you drunk I am. Alcohawk Micro breathalyzer ($55) dangles from a key chain, should keep you from driving if tipsy.

50. Look good. The portable Ultimate Make-Up Mirror ($60, brookstone.com) has 8x magnification, sunlight bulb, alarm clock. Just don't look too closely upon awakening.

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