# 7 Digital Marketing Tools Entrepreneurs Must Try Out in 2017

One such tool, Google Analytics, is regarded as the backbone of any marketing campaign

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For anentrepreneur, marketing their product is highly critical to attain success. It is quite essential for entrepreneurs to utilize effective marketing strategies, which can help their businesses to thrive and flourish. Implementing digital marketing techniques will be useful to support and enhance your business venture in the future.  However, with the constraints of having only limited stipulated funds, marketing becomes a hindrance. Here are some of the top 7 cost-effective digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs.


1. Buffer

Buffer is the most sought after and effective social media management tool trusted by many brands and businesses. It is a simple and user-friendly platform, which helps you schedule your social media posts well in advance and lets you connect your multiple accounts to one dashboard. With this tool, new businesses shall be able to effectively time-manage their contents on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Buffer helps you to publish your content automatically as per your chosen time-frame and analyse the performance of your posts as well.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers entrepreneurs the means to measure the performance of their website, app, digital and offline data and help them gain valuable insights.This digital marketing tool is one of the more well-known platforms recognized in the market sphere. Google Analytics is highly regarded as the backbone for any marketing campaign as they provide you the required information and metrics to kick-start your business.

3. Google Forms

For anyone starting their own business, Google forms is an indispensible tool they must have at their disposal to obtain useful consumer feedback. Surveys are crucial for any new businessas you gain insights from the target audiences’ point of view. This software helps you create and upload surveys with proper questionnaires within a few minutes. After the collection of data this tool will also provide you with proper analytics corresponding to graphs and charts. This platform will help you get a better grasp on how to incorporate consumer feedback to enhance your performance.

4. Canva

Along with effective content, visually appealing graphics, creative info-graphics are vital to boost your online presence. Original visual posts not only give your venture a professional presentation it also establishes credibility in the minds of your target audience. To create attractive illustrations, hiring a graphic designer would be expensive. However, with Canva you can save your time and energy as it shall provide you with a volume of fonts, templates, illustrations and images. It is a free, intuitive tool which helps anyone to create stunning graphics. From banners to flyers you can design everything with this user-friendly tool.

5. Hotjar

This is a powerful and versatile tool that is beneficial for entrepreneurs who are curious about the performance of their website. This device is multi-faceted as it provides you with an analysis of the online behaviour of your users along with feedback. Hotjar will let you know everything from the activities of your users, their navigation styles, cursor movements on various pages. In terms of feedback, it also includes a conversion funnel which informs you on how to improve your website’s performance.

6. SEMRush

This is a highly effective tool which helps in tracking your competitor’s visibility on the Internet. SEMRush helps you research on your competitors’ keywords and analyse their website traffic. This tool will give you a proper in-depth study and gather relevant information useful for your business. With the information received it enables you to take the required steps to improve your website which will ultimately convert to profitable sales. Experts believe this is one the best competition analysis and SEO tool in the market currently and will help to increase your website’s search rankings.

7. MailChimp

Another vital aspect of an entrepreneur’s road to success is email marketing. It is regarded as one of the most fool-proof method to generate concrete conversions from consumers. This free and easy to use tool lets you incorporate email campaigns directly into to your website. Ultimately, this will be beneficial in generating a new subscriber base and help your business to prosper.

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Neha Bajaj, Managing Director & Founder of Scroll Mantra Pvt Ltd. has over a decade of experience in the marketing and communication sector. She graduated from Delhi University in Bachelor of Commerce and worked for almost 8 years before taking the plunge to start her own agency. She is a versatile and passionate professional with a strong inclination towards achieving operational excellence, media intelligence and strategic campaigns to realize communication objectives.