Treat Yourself: Linda Meredith At The Spa At Palazzo Versace Dubai

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Summer in the UAE is a time when our skin is most in need of attention and protection- the hot and humid weather dehydrates it through perspiration, while the prolonged exposure to air conditioning causes our skin to look tired and stressed. Regardless of what your issue may be -dryness, enlarged pores, oiliness, or simply ageing- you need a good facial. And so did I: a treatment by Linda Meredith –known as the Queen of Facials in the beauty industry- at The SPA at Palazzo Versace Dubai seemed to be a good solution- but that would be an understatement. I choose Meredith’s signature Haute Couture Facial, a 60-minute-long treatment that’s individually designed for each client.

Palazzo Versace Dubai
The SPA Plunge Pool at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Following a very thorough consultation to assess my skin problems, a very knowledgeable and kind therapist started the process by applying one of the brand’s products to plump my skin, followed by a few minutes of steam to open the pores. She then usually carries out gentle extraction if necessary -and in my case, it was- followed by a natural micro peel to remove dead cells and clean deep beneath the surface. What followed was Meredith’s exclusive Oxygen serum treatment during which oxygen -possibly one of nature’s most powerful healing elements– was infused into my skin to increase healthy cell regeneration, and reduce fines lines and wrinkles. The treatment ended with the application of a mask to push a vitaminenriched cream deep into the layers of my skin, while performing a gentle facial massage.

The Linda Meredith facial was a unique experience not just because it hydrates the skin through the combination of essential active ingredients, micro-nutrients, and encapsulated vitamins of several key products within the range- but also because the team at Palazzo Versace’s The SPA executed it flawlessly. Other Linda Meredith treatments at The SPA include the Linda Meredith Oxygen Facial and the Linda Meredith V-Tox Oxygen Facial- make sure to try out one for yourself!

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