How Organic Cigarette Franchisors are Building a Nicotine Free Market

Smoking herbs has been in the history of India for a long time. Over the past few years, Organic and herbal smoking industry has been creating a lot of buzz in the industry, attracting a lot of smokers
How Organic Cigarette Franchisors are Building a Nicotine Free Market
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People are investing more in the organic cigarette industry, considering the rise of the smoking habits of people. It has made the franchisors to innovate with various natural ingredients, in order to bring out something constructive, in order to boost their sales. After various innovations, this industry is expected to become one major industry.

The entrepreneurs claim that the industry has a lot to offer as it would be health-friendly, which can provide people with the same satisfaction they experience, along with being healthy.

Piyush Chabbra, Founder, Organic Smokes shares “The normal cigarettes have moronic paper which keeps vanishing once you light it up. While in an organic cigarette the paper vanishes only when you take a drag. To diminish the tar, we used a tar out filter or tar secretor. It’s an attachment filter. The herbs are also organic which comes from the Himalayas.”

Bright future

With the people becoming more health conscious, investors believe that this industry is going to boom soon, offering various opportunities for business growth. A nation where style and healthy habit is constantly evolving, organic cigarette industry could be seen catering to both style and health segmented consumers.

Franchisors are using a mixture of consumable products which are healthy in nature instead of tobacco. Herbs like rose petals, corn silk, and more constitute the mixture. Organic cigarette franchisors are also using herbs like mint and cinnamon to act as a substitute for the standard tobacco products.

Nicotine free

Entrepreneurs believe that organic cigarette industry will contribute to a healthier lifestyle, where products are nicotine free. Therefore, they are eliminating the addictive property of nicotine by blending natural herbs that are 100 percent healthy. Franchisors are aiming to make it a reliable substitute for tobacco.

Franchisors could be seen targeting the normal tobacco users, who can join their campaign for attaining a healthy lifestyle.

The article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.

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