Hilt Tatum IV

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO of Dale Ventures Group of Companies

Hilt Tatum IV, CEO of Dale Ventures Group of Companies and former CEO of Oxford Consulting Group and iPoint Capital Partners, was educated at Oxford and LBS. He co-founded 20+ firms, with expertise in private equity and diverse sectors. A committed philanthropist, he supports Project Joy in Panama.

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If You Want Funding, These Are the Financial Reports VCs Need to See

When you're trying to attract new investors, there are several financial reports and metrics you'll need to have ready before you have a chance at potential funding. As the CEO of a venture capital firm and investment group, here's what you need for the best pitch.

Starting a Business

I've Co-founded Over 20 Firms — These Are the Five Critical Questions You Need to Ask to Evaluate Your Startup's Health

Have you checked your startup's pulse recently? If not, here are five questions to assess how your company is doing and which areas need more attention.


Estos son los consejos que me hubiera gustado haber recibido cuando era un joven emprendedor

Iniciar tu propio negocio es una de las experiencias más desafiantes como emprendedor. Pero, con la orientación adecuada, puede ser una de las más gratificantes. A continuación, te comparto algunos consejos que desearía haber recibido cuando comencé.

Starting a Business

I Wish I Received This Advice as a Young Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is one of entrepreneurs' most challenging experiences. But, with the proper guidance, it can be among the most rewarding. Here's advice I wish I'd received when I was starting out.


99% of Investor Pitches End in Failure. Here's How to Make Sure You're Part of the 1% That Succeed.

If you can't get investors to bite on your business, it may be because of one of these seven issues. Here's what they are and how you can avoid them.

Business Process

If You Don't Learn How to Pivot Your Business, You'll Watch It Perish — Here's What a Successful Pivot Looks Like.

Changing your business strategy to meet shifting market demands isn't bad. When done carefully, it can transform your company into something extraordinary.

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