How To Get Your B-BBEE Money Back

B-BBEE does not have to be a one-sided redistribution of wealth and power. In fact, B-BBEE done properly can offer a highly valuable return on investment - especially within the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) element.

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Vital Stats

“There certainly is a way to turn your compliance spend into investment spend. And this year we are giving corporates the one-time opportunity to be part of our unparalleled ‘Project National’,” says Jack Janse van Rensburg, director of The Investment House.


“‘Project National’ is a complex incubation model, providing a one-stop-solution to empower, develop and skill South African entrepreneurs,” he explains.

The Investment House’s incubator programme, Business Mastery Program, is designed to display fundamental insights into business environments and requirements as well as social and educational challenges in South Africa. It provides a sustainable and integrated solution for long-term entrepreneurial development.

The advantage it has over other incubation centres is the strategic concept of ‘Project National’, which combines different industries in one hub. All these industries make use of each other’s services and products and are able to provide combined services to their clients — especially complex contracts and tenders.

Unique incubator concept of ‘Project National’

One-Stop Shop

‘Project National’ incubator hubs offer a one-stop-shop and therefore a convenient solution for any corporate or government institution looking for a comprehensive and wide array of services or products.

Business Ripple Effect

Through this supply chain model every additional large business contract for one enterprise automatically benefits  other enterprises in the hubs due to the multiplication of services required.

Immediate Market

Entrepreneurs in the hubs use each other’s services immediately and therefore create immediate markets for each other.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Culture

Our multi-industry incubation hubs foster an entrepreneurial culture of innovation, networking and technology transfer. Multi-industrial hubs increase the prospect of interactions that give birth to new ideas and collaborations.

‘Project National’ is an unparalleled incubator concept in South Africa that brings a wide array of business advantages and B-BBEE ROI opportunities to corporates that can decide to make either momentary or non-monetary B-BBEE contributions as part of their B-BBEE spend.

How your B-BBEE compliance spend turns into investment spend with ‘Project National’

Create a consistent supply chain

Involvement in ‘Project National’, can end your struggle with inconsistent and unreliable supply chains. ‘Project National’ provides you with suppliers who can supply on demand, in the right quantity, to the right quality and at the right price. More control and insight into your supply chain creates better competitiveness for your business.

Extend your sales reach into new markets

‘Project National’ entrepreneurs provide you with an extended and widened sales reach into various markets and distribution chains through the development of entrepreneurs acting as resellers of your product.

Diversify your product range

Buying and financing assets can be a difficult task and it is often not possible for companies to diversify their range. ‘Project National’s’ black-owned start-up enterprises are more likely to obtain funding for assets and equipment and can therefore be a great asset to you when becoming a supplier to your company, allowing you to diversify your product range by outsourcing production of new components.

Allow for lower imports

It can be hard to compete with Chinese imports on price and quantity. While the demand for low quantities and tailor-made products is high, it is hardly profitable for many big corporates. ‘Project National’ entrepreneurs leave the doors open for you as they are smaller and organisational overheads are lower, making it profitable to manufacture lower quantities.

Be part of The Investment House’s unique Incubator Concept and see your ROI on your B-BBEE spend flowing.