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Grocery Chain to Give Away $5 million to Vaccinated Customers

The chain will also be rewarding 50 vaccinated customers with free groceries for an entire year.


Remaining service-oriented and socially conscious is crucial for big corporations and government bodies in a post-pandemic landscape, which is why many so brands, companies and legislators are offering incentives for vaccinated citizens.

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Take West Virginia, which is offering vaccinated residents weekend getaways to state parks, hunting licenses and 10 different guns on top of cash giveaways totaling more than $1 million this summer.

Or Ohio, which kicked off the free cash trend back in May when Governor Mike DeWine announced that the state would be doling out $1 million weekly giveaways to vaccinated adults in the state on top of scholarship opportunities for those under 18.

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And now Kroger (KR) grocery store is the next big name to join the freebie initiative after announcing that it’ll be doling out $5 million total in payouts alongside free groceries for a year to vaccinated individuals.

Dubbed the “Community Immunity” giveaway, the chain will also be rewarding 50 vaccinated customers with free groceries for an entire year.

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For a five-week period, Kroger will be giving away 10 rounds of free groceries.

“To vaccinate more Americans and help bring this pandemic to an end, we all have to do our part,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Ian Sams. “It’s exciting that Kroger is using innovative tactics to encourage vaccinations among its millions of customers across the country.”

The mega chain is using the initiative as a way to further President Biden's goal of having at least 70% of adult Americans vaccinated by the end of July.

Kroger is the largest grocery chain in America and is currently up 1.46% in revenue year over year.

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