XGIMI Horizon Pro Review: Transcending Reality

XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4K LED projector which has a built-in sound system and Android TV. The projector is extremely portable and is very easy to set up anywhere you want to

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Earlier when you thought of a home projector, you thought of attaching it to the laptop with HDMI cable and sharing your laptop screen to enjoy a big screen experience. With evolving technology, home projectors have taken a big leap from their previous generations. When it comes to big screen action at movies or watching your favorite live sport, the best option for you is bring the action to your home with home projectors. XGIMI has taken projection tech to new levels with XGIMI Horizon Pro. XGIMI Horizon Pro is an android wifi smart projector, which is a plug-and-play device. You don't need a smartphone, laptop, firestick or anything to initiate the device, you just need to plug it in and start the projector and in 7-8 sec, you'll have your screen on your wall.

XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4K LED projector which has a built-in sound system and Android TV. The projector is extremely portable and is very easy to set up anywhere you want to.

The Horizon Pro has a premium design with extremely high performance. You can use the device without any input as it runs on Android TV. It is in essence a portable TV without a screen.

The Horizon Pro comes in a square box with three accessories, i.e. power cable, power brick and remote. The projector weighs around 3 kg and has an aluminum mesh side and black matte plastic top and bottom.

Lens are fixed on the front of the projector and all other controls which include power button, volume up and down and play are placed on the top. There are 2 HDMI and USB ports each and an Ethernet port on the back of the projector, flawlessly blending into the design.


Horizon Pro has a dual 8W Harmon Kardon sound system which gives a very different effect while watching any movie or video. It also has the option to plug an external speaker.


The Horizon Pro's automatic focus is good and accurate. No matter where you place your projector the automatic focus feature will adjust the focus on its own. The autofocus camera is fixed with the lens and everytime you turn on your projector, it will turn on the autofocus feature. You can also turn on this feature from your remote.

Another great feature of the Horizon Pro is automatic keystone adjustment. This is an AI-powered feature which helps the user to place the projector at any height in the room and use this feature to set up the screen from any angle. It also detects hindrance and adjusts its projection area. Once the automated adjustment is done, you can adjust the projection screen manually as well.

Final Verdict

Horizon Pro is a great 4K UHD projector and has superior display properties which makes sure that you don't miss out on the experience of watching movies, tv shows or gaming as well. As the device runs on Android TV, supported by Chromecast, and has an in-built sound system, you can use it for a number of purposes.

The only drawback is the price point, especially for Indian consumers. But if we leave the price out, it is one of the best projector which can easily replace your TV screens and give you an experience that will leave you in awe.