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Newest Co-Branding Concept Tastes Great for Miami Subs Plus


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Fort Lauderdale, Florida-They may struggle as stand-alone units, but four restaurant brands are being corralled under one roof, with South Florida the guinea pig in the latest fast-food co-branding experiment. Dubbed the "United Tastes of America," the four brands-Miami Subs, Nathan's Famous, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Arthur Treacher's-are being developed together as Miami Subs Plus!

Over the past three months, South Florida Miami Subs locations have been converting to the new concept, with 60 scheduled to have been completed by the end of June.

"We have to separate ourselves from the crowd, and do it economically, in a way that was dramatic, in a way that would have an impact," says Don Perlyn, president of Miami Subs.

Part of that impact comes from the diversity of the brands. "They are catering to different tastes," says Rick Munarriz, a Miami-based analyst. "It gives people more options, and the appeal is in the geographical layout."

Nathan's Famous offers hot dogs, Miami Subs' menu features sandwiches, Kenny Rogers Roasters serves chicken, and Arthur Treacher's specializes in fish and chips. "They are angling for many different palates," Munarriz says.

That convergence of different tastes has already improved business for Miami Subs. The addition of Kenny Rogers and Arthur Treacher's has increased dinner business, and Nathan's famous has boosted its snack and late-night business, Perlyn says.

"People can eat with us two or three times a week," Perlyn says. "We probably have as broad a demographic as anybody. The diversity of our customer base is one of our great strengths."

Perlyn also said that while Miami Subs has traditionally attracted 18 to 45 year olds, now "we're seeing a whole influx of seniors because of Arthur Treacher's. People who come for lunch during business hours will come back for dinner with their families." -South Florida Business Journal