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Aby Sam Thomas

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Easier Said Than Done: Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn To Let The Small Stuff Slide

Learning to let the small stuff slide is an art in itself.

Doing Things Differently: Omar Jackson, Partner, Berkeley Assets

"We're not looking to follow a set mould. We are looking to innovate at every opportunity we can."

Follow The Leader: Fodhil Benturquia, Founder And CEO, Okadoc

"Retention is an extremely important topic in the tech field, unlike traditional businesses. There is no physical asset in tech companies; your people are your assets."

Follow The Leader: Naim Maadad, Founder And CEO, Gates Hospitality

"There is no point in copying the success of others. Originality always has a market. Identity always has its own unique pedestal."

Follow The Leader: Samer Hamadeh, Founder, Akiba Dori, Tokyopolitan, And Stereo Arcade

The founder of Stereo Arcade, Akiba Dori and Tokoypolitan talks about his strategy for creating a notable brand in the hospitality space.

Crafting (New) Realities: Travel Junkie Diary Founder Michelle Karam On Turning A Blog To A Business

It may have started out as a blog, but Michelle Karam always believed that Travel Junkie Diary (TJD) would grow into something bigger.
Women in Business

Follow The Leader: Asil Attar, CEO, Damas Jewellery

"I am passionate about women's empowerment and will champion this internally and externally."
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Here's To The Crazy Ones: Swimming Against The Tide

"There are stories to be told, people to be understood, places to be seen- and I write to get these messages out."
Real Estate

Follow The Leader: Azizi Developments CEO Farhad Azizi

"Without trust in off-plan development, there would be no sales in the sector– it is that simple. It is absolutely fundamental to the industry that we operate in, and it is what drives our growth trajectory."
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It Does Get Better: Surmounting Obstacles (Again and Again)

No matter how this state you are in pans out, rest assured that, as cliché as it may sound, it does get better.

Be Extraordinary: OmniAthletes Co-Founder Dani Afiouni

Entrepreneurial lessons from OmniAthletes co-founder Dani Afiouni.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems

A Promise For The Future: MITEF Pan Arab 12th Arab Startup Competition

A reminder of the impact the entrepreneurial community can (and is having) on the region as a whole.
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As An Entrepreneur, Being Self-Aware Can Only Ever Do You Good

Take a good honest look at yourself, and critically examine how people you interact with on a regular basis respond to your actions.

Competitive Advantage: Abdulwahed Juma, Executive Vice President of Brand and Corporate Communications, du

UAE telco du's differentiating wins aren't based on typical telco metrics.

Good Things Come In Threes: JustClean's Management Talk Running A Scalable Business

JustClean co-founders Athbi Al-Enezi and Nouri Al-Enezi, and CEO Mohammad Jaffar talk about running a scalable business.