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CEO, Regal Inks Content Marketing


Three Tips For Building An Engaged Community Around Your Business

Building a brand-based community can take quite a lot of time and effort , but eventually it will reap the immense benefits that come with a loyal and engaged customer base.

The How-To: Disrupting The Tightly Controlled Academic Sector

How to craft a strategy to appeal to customers who might not even be aware of the existence of your service.

How To Identify Industries Ripe For Disruption

Disruption can be in the form of advanced technology or advanced managerial practices that boost productivity and outwit the competition.

Why Today's Young Professionals Are Turning To Knowledge Entrepreneurship

The key factors behind the rise of knowledge entrepreneurship, and why now's the perfect time to pursue such a career path.

Revamp Your Customer Service To Boost Customer Loyalty Affordably

If your business is going to win in today's highly competitive marketplace, you'll need to transform your customers to brand evangelists.

Why You Should Consider Launching An ICO

Here are the hacks you need to pay attention to maximize the chances of a successful ICO launch.

Five Practical Ways To Advance Your Career In 2018

Whether success is measured in terms of wealth, positive impact, or both, the desire to ensure that one is achieving the most possible success is ingrained in every single business person.

Four Easy Steps To Harness Customer Trust For Increased Conversions

How potential customers perceive your company and the products and services you offer is what determines whether they will choose you over your competitors.

Three Ways To Make Visual Content Marketing Work For You In 2018

In that maelstrom of information, visual content such as pictures, infographics and videos are much more appealing to the eyes than blocks of text.

Five Ways to Boost Workplace Performance

These five tips will help you build up the morale and energy of your employees, and set your business up for amazing productivity in the new year.