Aliza P. Sherman - Page 2


Meeting of the Minds

Women-specific conferences have a lot to offer.

Going Global

International business tips make a world of difference.

You Can Count on Me

A friend can make the best kind of business partner.

I Think I'll Pass

Do women have a tougher time delegating tasks?

Novel Ideas

Two entrepreneurs write books about their experiences--and learn something in the process.

Under Attack?

Think another woman is out to get you? Here's how to watch your back.

Let's Have Some Funds!

Two women entrepreneurs sound off on the ups and downs of finding VC funding.

Parallel Universe

A new kind of entrepreneur boldly goes where few business owners have gone before.

Star Qualities

How celebrity role models have inspired us

Let's Talk About Sexism

Do sexist attitudes still exist in business? Women sound off.

Psst! Pass It On

Entrepreneurs reflect on the hand-me-down advice they've loved and loathed.

That's My Baby

Who says running a business and motherhood don't mix?

Teaching by Example

Mothers and daughters discuss the impact of entrepreneurship on their relationships.

A Matter of Culture

Do minority women face issues other entrepreneurs never do?

For Better or . . .

How women entrepreneurs strike a balance between business and marriage