Aliza P. Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer, e-entrepreneur and author of eight books, including

PowerTools for Women in Business.

Her work can be found at


Got It, Flaunt It?

Know where to draw the line between subtly sexy and sleazy.

Speak Up

Is interrupting a good business tactic, or just plain rude?

Make Yourself Heard

Is interrupting a good business tactic, or just plain rude? Use these guidelines for speaking up.

Taking Over Dad's Business

When a woman inherits her father's business, does she face unique challenges?

The Perks of a Woman-Owned Business

Women use unique benefits to show employee appreciation--and help their employees find a balance between work and their families.

Give Self-Esteem Issues the Boot

If low self-esteem is hampering your business success, here are several tactics to give it a boost.

Get On Board

A much larger percentage of men than women sit on corporate boards. Here's what you can do about that.

Father Figure

What happens when a daughter inherits dad's business?

To Thine Own Self

How women business owners can conquer low self-esteem

Woman On Board

In the boardroom, there's still plenty of room for women.

Summer Reading

Help your business--and yourself--with these reads.

Seal the Deal

Negotiating can be difficult, but sharpening your skills in advance will put you on top.

Lonely at the Top

Success can be isolating, so learn how to stay connected.

Getting Props

Awards can boost your self-esteem--and your business.

No More Ms. Nice Guy

Do nice girls really finish last in the business world?

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